Arby's Customer Claims Urinal Burned His Genitals

"We have that bathroom problem again," an employee allegedly told the man

Arby's cooks more than just roast beef, according to one steaming mad customer.

A man has sued the sandwich-slinging fast food chain over genital burns he says a urinal at a Monument, Colo., Arby's outpost gave him, Courthouse News reported.

In the lawsuit he just filed, Kenneth DeJoie said he was doing his business in the restaurant bathroom when the urinal shot out a "jet of steam" that scalded his genitals.

DeJoie said he complained to an employee but got a discouraging response.

"We have that bathroom problem again," the employee allegedly told DeJoie, explaining that the urinal acted up when the kitchen sink was running.

DeJoie's complaint charges that the employee's alleged response suggests the store had notice of the plumbing problem and negligently failed to do anything about it.

DeJoie's wife signed onto his premises liability suit with a claim for loss of consortium, thanks to her husband's alleged genital burns.

Arby's issued a statement declining to discuss the matter, given the pending lawsuit, and DeJoie's lawyer told Denver's CBS4 that he could not comment beyond saying that the plaintiff was trying to settle outside of court.

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