Gum Thief's Sticky Fingers

Bubble has popped for pack-stealing Orbit-lover

We all like gum.  But Kenneth McManus really likes gum.

The 21-year-old is accused of stealing hundreds and hundreds of packs of gum -- Orbit appears to be his favorite -- from stores in towns around Fairfield, Connecticut.

His bubble burst after a Jan. 22 incident, where McManus reportedly stole 175 packs of gum (more than $500) from a Fairfield supermarket.  Surveillance cameras caught him stuffing individual packs of gum in his pocket.

Earlier that week, he pocketed $200 worth from his hometown Stratford supermarket, said town cops there.

And a few weeks before that, he stole $75 from a Bridgeport pharmacy, according to police there.

In every incident, we're told Orbit gum was among the packs he grabbed. 

Chewing gum has been known to lose taste over time.  It is still unclear what McManus was planning on doing with all that gum.

He was released on $500 bond.

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