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Former Stripper Wants Nude Pics Back from Cops

Romeoville cops seized the phone for an investigation



    Former Stripper Wants Nude Pics Back from Cops
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    Bridget Polaski, 45, wants her cell phone back after cops seized it. She stored naked pictures in it and fears police will put them on the Internet.

    Bridget Polaski says she wants her cell phone back. The 45-year-old from Romeoville stored naked pictures of herself on it, and fears police officers who seized it for an investigation will put them on the Internet.

    "I'm just really upset about my pictures being all over the internet, if that's what's where they end up landing," said Polaski in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Romeoville police seized the iPhone as evidence on August 26th as part of an investigation of a car that was keyed last month. Romeoville Deputy Police Chief Mark Turveysaid to the Chicago Sun-Times that the car owner claims Polanski made text threats after the vehicle was vandalized.

    After confiscating the phone, Officers secured a search warrant and Turvey said none of his officers looked at Polaski's photos, only text messages. He added if they placed any pictures on the Internet, they would face criminal charges.

    But Polaski, a former stripper and club manager, claims that when the officers took her to the police station and took her phone from her, she heard some cops at the station laughing about her "fully nude" photos. Apparently, she tried to file a sexual harrassment report but the police refused. Turvey said he didn't know about the allegations, but would check on it.

    Polaski said she saved the pictures on her phone because "I had a couple ex-boyfriends ask me to send them a picture. I had my girlfriend Tess take some pictures so I could text them."

    Turvey said she won't be getting the phone back for several weeks. To which Polaski responded, "I will not give up. I'm tired of people messing with me, just because I'm blond and halfway decent looking."

    So far, Polaski doesn't face any charges in connection with the vandalism incident.