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Virginity-Auction Girl Keeping Up With Kardashian?



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    Natalie Dylan (right) is auctioning off her virginity, but a certain well-endowed Hollywood socialite may be worth a freebie.

    The San Diego 22-year-old who claims to have received million-dollar offers in an auction to give up her virginity hinted that she digs Kim Kardashian.

    “She’s really beautiful,” Natalie Dylan said of Kardashian, according to the NY Daily News.

    But even though the paper's headline screams "Virgin-for-sale says Kardashian would be welcome buy," Dylan doesn't seem to actually go that far.

    "I’m heterosexual," said Dylan. "I just ­admire her beauty.” 

    Don't we all.

    Dylan, a psychology student, says she has gotten bids on $3.8 million for her deflowering –– an idea she came up with after her sister was able to pay for her own college education after prostituting herself for three weeks.

    "I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal," Dylan told the London Telegraph.