MSNBC Now on EveryBlock

Half news, half teched-out mapping site acquired by MSNBC

Chicago-based Web site has hit the big time.

MSNBC snapped up the news site, which uses unique mapping tech to track news stories by category, for an undisclosed multimillion-dollar sum, the Wall Street Journal reports.

"They're pretty unique in the echelon of large media companies in that it's a balance between good technology and good journalism, and that's a passion of mine," said MSNBC President Charlie Thillinghast. "We see EveryBlock developing some fundamental technology in pursuit of their local mission that has extensions to other things we do."

The company, which was started by journalist Adrian Holovaty, runs sites in 15 major American cities, but will remain anchored in Chicago.

MSNBC will use the Everyblock’s technology to bring a graphic focus to its local news sections. MSNBC is a joint venture between NBC Universal, which owns, and Microsoft.

"I'm confident that we're going to find some interesting ways to generate revenue," says Mr. Tillinghast, declining to name any of the nascent ideas he says are floating around at

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