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AT&T's New iPhone App Highlights Its Uselessness



    AT&T's New iPhone App Highlights Its Uselessness
    iPhone users have a new way to complain to AT&T about any shoddy service they may encounter.

    AT&T unrolled an app it hopes will finally calm the legion of angry iPhone users.

    The exclusive network provider to Apple's wildly popular iPhone has been marred by negative press and complaints about dropped calls, jammed networks and more. Monday the cellular provider released an iPhone app called "Mark the Spot," which lets iPhone users submit complaints about dropped calls, bad coverage and poor voice quality. But the problem with the app is you have to be connected to the network for it to actually work.

    "If there is no network signal, the user can call up a map when they do have signal and plot the location of where they had the problem," an AT&T representative said.

    That's great as long as you can remember exactly where you were. Once the application is launched, and connected to a 3G, 2G or Wi-Fi network, users will see options to let them report a dropped call, poor voice quality, or poor service coverage on their screen.

    AT&T says it will use the information to collect trends and prioritize where to invest up to $18 billion the company plans to invest in the coming year.