We Can Unite in Misery and the Bears

Last night, watching the Dodgers celebrate hurt me, yet I couldn't change the channel. I was surprised to see that I had that in common with the Cubs' players. As Manny and Co. hopped around, Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez sat in the dugout, dejected. Geovany Soto leaned over the edge of the dugout, eyes intent on the Los Angeles players. No one headed back to the clubhouse. After the Cubs and their fans took every step of a dream season together, they even took that miserable last step of masochistic voyeurism together.

Today, Chicago sports fans can come together to cheer on the Bears and wallow in that misery. The Bears are taking on an 0-3 Lions team, and it seems as if they should come away with a win fairly easily. (Of course, that's what we said about the Cubs and the Dodgers.) To win, the Bears need to learn from the Cubs. Play to your strengths, like running the ball and smothering the Lions on defense. Don't make stupid mistakes, like throwing interceptions and fumbling handoffs. Watch the Bears try to make Chicago feel better at noon on Fox.

Right after the Bears game, Chicago's path to misery will continue. I would like to be hopeful and say that the White Sox can pull out of the nose dive and sweep the Rays. Hope has been beaten out of me this week.  John Danks is taking the mound against the Rays' Matt Garza. After Danks' thrilling win over the Twins last week, must-win games are getting to be old-hat for him. The White Sox can also learn from the Cubs. Danks needs to stay focused and not crumble in the home playoff atmosphere. Defense needs to make easy outs, because with the Rays line-up, not many outs will be easy. Tune in to see if the White Sox can bring Chicago back at 3 p.m. on TBS.

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