Amanda Chidester's Incredible Message to Fiancée as Softball Power Couple Competed in Tokyo

There were no gold medals for Amanda Chidester or her fiancée in the Tokyo Olympics, but the softball power couple has already won.

Though the pair competed for opposing teams at one point during the competition, they both contended for medals in the final events, with Chicago Bandits catcher Chidester playing for the undefeated Team USA taking on Japan and Anissa Urtez playing for Mexico in the bronze medal match against Canada.

Both lost their finals games, with Chidester taking home a silver medal and Urtez falling just short of a medal in her team's 3-2 loss.

But while they were at one point on-field competitors, they are first and foremost a couple engaged to be married.

And it's that message that Chidester hammered home in an inspiring Instagram post before the two played against each other.

"The day is finally here!!! We are constantly being asked how we feel about competing against eachother! We are both excited!" she wrote. "We are competitors who are focused on our own paths with our respective teams. We are going out on the field and giving it all we have. We are beyond proud of each other for living out our dreams and loving every second of getting to experience this together!"

The couple's on-field competition is separated in their off-field lives, Chidester pointed out, but the unconditional support never wavers.

"We know that our life together has its own identity, and win or lose nothing will change that," she said. "While we do step on the field as opponents, we step off as fiancé’s. I’m proud of what Anissa has accomplished in her career and I’m excited to compete against her on the biggest stage. Even though I’m rooting for my team to win and she’s rooting for hers, at the end of the day our support for each other is unconditional."

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