Toews Still Scoreless After Sunday Night's Win

Jonathan Toews appreciated his teammate's gesture, but not the timing.

During Sunday night's win, there was no goalie in his way, just that darn game clock. Teammate Patrick Kane sliced Toews the puck, Toews found the net, but not before the buzzer sounded. It left a self-depricating Toews to remark, "even the ones that do get in, the time runs out".

The monkey on his back is getting heavier. Toews, who scored 24 goals in his 2007 rookie campaign, has yet to find the back of the net, despite 21 shots on goal this season.

Good thing the rest of the team is scoring…before the buzzer, that is.  

Watch Toews talk about how "frustrating" it is to this many games into the season without a goal in the video above.

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