The Bears Injury Brigade Begins Its Annual March

As we discussed the other day, it's hard to say whether the Bears are actually good this year. On paper, they should be mediocre-to-bad, buoyed only by a plus defense adept at forcing turnovers. That offense should be putrid. It isn't. The Bears are neither good nor bad; they somehow make such categorization moot. (And they make me get all mystical about football, apparently.)

But here's one thing no team, even one as confusing as the Bears, can afford: A pile of injuries. But that's exactly what they're getting.

Included among the injured now are cornerback Charles Tillman and wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. Neither appear to be dealing with anything serious, but have rather entered the nowhereville of week-to-week injury updates and status reports, the bane of fantasy football owners everywhere.

For the Bears, the potential loss of Tillman seems worse than losing Lloyd. But the Bears are slightly deeper at cornerback, can shift things around a little bit and include Danieal Manning in more packages. This is, um, decidedly not the case at wide reciever. If you have Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker starting in the same receiving corp, you are by definition shallow. Bad news, all around.

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