Blackhawks’ Player Of The Week


Mark It 8, Dude

Marian Hossa - Five points in two games will land you here. Becoming only the 85th guy in the history of the league to score 400 goals will also do it. Doing both? Guaranteed. 400 goals is really something if you think about it. The longevity and consistency needed to get there, which makes those who have netted 500 or 600 all the more mystifying. Hossa was one of few noticeable forwards last night against San Jose, as his power and speed can break through the stoutest of defenses. Set up the tying and winning goals by just getting a puck to the net will do nicely, thanks.

Patrick Sharp - Four points in your last two games will also get you here, when spiced with an OT winner. It's funny, Sharp's winner last night came from an area he's so rarely in, the crease. When Sharp first exploded on the scene in 2007-2008 with 36 goals, he got a bunch off tip-ins and rebounds. It's somewhere he could get more. But no complaints with the new daddy, who has won them the past two games.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero

Dave Bolland and Michael Frolik - There was no clearer illustration of how the Hawks are lacking secondary scoring than the first 40 minutes last night. When the Sharks' legs allowed them to take out the top two lines (and hence the top four scoreres who are carrying this team), the Hawks couldn't generate anything from their third and fourth lines. And that's squarely on Dave Bolland and Micheal Frolik. Bolland has two goals in 17 games, and Fro's numbers aren't any prettier. They aren't doing their defensive duties either. The Hawks are going to need these two to snap out of it right quick, because the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse up top can't carry them every game.

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