Perfect Storm for Another Hester TD

Devin Hester is on a hot streak.

He leads the league in punt return yardage, is averaging 35.6 yards per kickoff return, and he recently became the NFL's best at getting return touchdowns. After a two-season drought, he's back doing what he does best: setting up the Bears offense for success with his kickoff and punt returns.

The Packers, on the other hand, are kind of bad at stopping great kickoff and punt returns. They are ranked fourth from the bottom of the league at giving up kickoff return yardage. They're in the middle of the pack at stopping punt returns, but they've still given up 306 yards. They've even given up a punt return TD, something that less than a third of teams in the NFL have done.

That, dear readers, is what we call a perfect storm. Hester's talents are well-known, but the entire Bears special teams unit plays a role in his success. They've gotten recognition -- and some pretty cool presents -- from Hester, but against an anemic special teams unit like Green Bay's, he can give them a much better present. Another touchdown would be better than any remote control car. He's going to have a special opportunity to do that.

Though, they shouldn't have to give back the remote control cars.

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