Kane Indicted For Misdemeanors

No jail time for Kane

A grand jury in Buffalo today indicted Blackhawks star Patrick Kane and his cousin on misdemeanor theft and assault charges, but did not move ahead with felony robbery charges. Now the case against the hockey player can move forward.

“Patrick Kane will not be prosecuted more leniently or more harshly because he is employed as a hockey player,” Erie County D.A. Frank Sedita said in a statement.

Kane and his cousin, James, will most likely avoid any criminal charges at all, in connection with their August 9 altercation with a Buffalo cab driver because lawyers for the Kanes are working out a plea deal, the Buffalo News reports.

Sources close to the case say the Kanes will either plead guilty to a harassment or disorderly conduct charge – both minor offenses – or be granted an adjournment and have the charges dropped at a later date.

Regardless of the route, the Kanes will not face jail time, the sources said.

"I think everything is going to be wrapped up by the end of the week," one law enforcement source said. "All parties are working in that direction."

Kane, and his cousin James, are accused of assaulting cab driver Jan Radecki over a dispute concerning the change from a late night cab ride in Buffalo.

According to a police report, the Kanes gave Radecki $15 for a fare of $13.80. The driver gave them back a dollar, but not the remaining 20 cents. James Kane then allegedly tore the money from Radecki's hand and began punching him, the report said.

Radecki, for his part, said today that he doesn’t want the Kanes charged as criminals, and instead of a conviction he would accept a public apology.

"My client is looking for a direct public apology to him, not much more," said Andrew C. LoTempio, Radecki's attorney.

"He does not want [the Kanes] to have a criminal record," LoTempio said. "He does not want them to have any jail time. And he does not want to ruin Patrick Kane's career."

Kane made his first public statements about the case Monday.

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