Ozzie Finally Blows Up

Rips his team after 5-4 loss to Detroit

One of the odder things so far this season concerning the White Sox has been the behavior of manager Ozzie Guillen.  It's already June 8th and considering the way the White Sox have played this season it's somewhat surprising that we're still waiting to have our first big Ozzie blow up of the season.

Correction: we were waiting.

After the Sox dropped the first game of a split double-header against the division leading Detroit Tigers 5-4, another loss in which the Sox failed to capitalize on a number of opportunities, Guillen ripped into his team for their play.

“If this was the 1980s, (none) of these guys would be in the big leagues right now, because if you hit .210-.230 and you can’t execute, I don’t think you should be out here," said the frustrated White Sox skipper

"When you can’t bunt, hit-and-run, squeeze and move the guy over, you better hit 40 home runs and drive in 140. The only positive about this game was D.J. Carrasco. And a couple home runs here and there. A little excitement, fans got a little excited, and that’s it."

Don't worry, the Blizzard of Oz wasn't done there.  When asked to explain why the White Sox defense has been so subpar this season, they commited three more errors today including one that led to the winning run in the 9th inning, it seemed Guillen was tired of defending his players.

“Is the clubhouse closed?" Guillen said. "We should open it and let them asking why they’re so horse (bleep).

“I wonder why. We give players opportunity. One thing about players. You protect their (rears) for 140 games, and you say one thing about it one day and all of a sudden you’re a bad person. And it’s not an easy spot to be. But my job is to get the best out of them and I’m not getting the best out of them. Then it might be my fault. I might push hard enough. I might not get mad enough. Or I’m m too tough on some guys.

“Somebody has to change because if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do, I’ll take the blame because that’s my job. In the meanwhile, if anyone watched from the first day of the season to right now, I will look myself in the mirror and figure out who’s fault it is. I will do. We’re not doing it. We got excited here and there, after that, it was a boring game. Really, really, really bad baseball game, terrible the way the guys played the game.”

Needless to say, Ozzie is just as frustrated with the way the White Sox have played as the fans are, and when asked if changes will be coming he responded, "No, not yet.  Pretty soon."

Hopefully those changes that are coming will be victories.

Along with writing for NBCCHICAGO.com, Tom Fornelli can also be found contributing at FanHouse, SPORTSbyBROOKS, and his own Chicago sports blog Foul Balls.

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