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Kyle Beach Says ‘Battle is Just Beginning' Amid Sexual Assault Suit Against Blackhawks

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Former Chicago Blackhawks prospect Kyle Beach, who revealed that he was the “John Doe 1” who filed a lawsuit against the team over an alleged sexual assault that took place in 2010, has spoken out on social media for the first time since that revelation, saying that his “battle is really just beginning” after the news broke.

Beach, who revealed in an interview with TSN’s Rick Westhead that he was the player who filed suit against the team earlier this year, posted a message to Twitter Thursday, thanking fans for their “love and support” since the results of the Blackhawks’ investigation into their handling of the assault concluded.

Here is the message that Beach posted, in its entirety:

“I have immense gratitude for the outpouring of endless love and support that has come through within the past 48 hours. Although the results of the private investigation have been released, and the Blackhawks have apologized, my battle is really just beginning, as the Blackhawks continue to attempt to destroy my case in court.

“While I take this time to reflect and continue the healing process, it is a reminder that this is not about me as an individual. This is to promote open communication that will facilitate change for the future, to promote safety, as well as the health and well-being of society as a whole.

“Thank you.”

Beach alleges that he was sexually assaulted by former Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich in May 2010, and that he was threatened with repercussions for his career if he came forward. He also alleges that he brought that information forward to Blackhawks personnel, and that the team opted not to act on the information prior to their Stanley Cup championship in June of that year.

Aldrich has denied allegations of wrongdoing, saying that any sexual encounter he had with Beach was consensual.

Beach alleges that the Blackhawks failed to properly investigate the case, and that team personnel told him that the assault was his fault. He also alleges that teammates made inappropriate and homophobic remarks after the incident.

The Blackhawks commissioned a report into their handling of the case, and the findings of that report were released Tuesday. Concurrent to the release of the report, President of Hockey Operations Stan Bowman left the organization, as did fellow executive Al MacIsaac, both of whom were named in the report as having participated in meetings about the allegations in 2010.

The Chicago Blackhawks saw the release of a long-awaited investigation into sexual assault allegations, major staffing changes and fines from the National Hockey League all in a matter of hours Tuesday. Lisa Chavarria reports.

Former President and CEO John McDonough, who was also in the meeting, was relieved of his duties by the organization in the spring of 2020.

The Blackhawks released a statement after Beach's Wednesday interview:

“First, we would like to acknowledge and commend Kyle Beach’s courage in coming forward. As an organization, the Chicago Blackhawks reiterate our deepest apologies to him for what he has gone through, and for the organization’s failure to promptly respond when he bravely brought this matter to light in 2010. It was inexcusable for the then-executives of the Blackhawks organization to delay taking action regarding the reported sexual misconduct. No playoff game or championship is more important than protecting our players and staff from predatory behavior.

“The Blackhawks have implemented numerous changes and improvements within the organization, including hiring a new leadership team that is committed to winning championships while adhering to the highest ethical, professional and athletic standards.”

The Blackhawks have filed motions to dismiss both Beach’s suit and another lawsuit filed by a former youth hockey player in Michigan, who says he was also assaulted by Aldrich after the video coach was forced to resign by the Blackhawks in June 2010.

Both cases remain pending, and settlement talks are scheduled for next week, according to reports.

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