Bulls to Re-Evaluate Alex Caruso's Injured Hamstring in a Week

Bulls to re-evaluate Caruso's hamstring in a week originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Alex Caruso, who leads the NBA in steals, will be sidelined at least a week with his strained right hamstring.

The Chicago Bulls' guard, who is vital to the team's aggressive defensive attack, had been battling soreness in his hamstring and calf before trying to play through it on Saturday against the Brooklyn Nets. Coach Billy Donovan said Caruso didn't worsen the injury by doing so. But when he left that game after just 8 minutes, the medical staff determined resting the injury until he can be re-evaluated is prudent.

"It's not significant," Donovan said. "He's got an MRI. He has gotten treatment. I think with something like that the bigger concern is if we bring him back too early and now it goes from something that was minor to something more significant now he's gonna be missing more time. So I think the medical feels pretty confident that, 'OK after a week here let's reevaluate where he's at and make some decisions going forward.'

"That's not to sit there and say he'll be back in a week. He could be. But he'll be evaluated. And we'll see how he responds to treatment. He'll be able to do things and they'll push him a little bit and if he starts to feel it they'll pull back."

Caruso will miss Monday's home game against the Nuggets and the Bulls' two-game trip to Cleveland and Miami at minimum.

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