Stephen Colbert Tries to Bring Cubs Good Luck

The Cubs have been dealing with the Curse of the Billy Goat for over 70 years, and TV host Stephen Colbert has a unique new method of trying to lift the team's fortunes

The Chicago Cubs have some famous fans among their supporters, and one of the most high-profile professed his allegiance again on Monday night as Stephen Colbert had three players appear on his show.

Colbert, the host of the Late Show on CBS, kicked a goat out of his studio last year while the Cubs were in the playoffs in an attempt to lift the Curse of the Billy Goat.

This time around he took a different tactic as he had Anthony Rizzo, Jake Arrieta and Kris Bryant come to the studio.

Of course, by different we mean slightly awkward:

Pretty much everything has been tried by Cubs fans to try to break the curse, including eating a goat, blowing up the Steve Bartman ball and even bringing a goat to Wrigley Field, but nothing has worked.

Perhaps Colbert’s attempt at rubbing his highly-skilled totems will bring the Cubs some good fortune. 

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