MLB Releases Plans in Case of Inclement Weather Wednesday

The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have already had Game 2 of the World Series moved up by an hour to deal with the threat of potential rain, but there is still a chance that the contest could be impacted by inclement weather.

According to a plan released by Major League Baseball, current forecasts are indicated that there could be a light drizzle throughout the game, and that the teams will play as long as the rain doesn’t come down too heavily.

If the precipitation comes down heavier than anticipated, then the league will make the determination, in conjunction with commissioner Rob Manfred, about whether to stop the contest. If they do, then the suspended game will be picked back up at the point of stoppage on Thursday afternoon.

If that ends up being the case, then the Indians and Cubs will both be put at a slight disadvantage, as the Thursday off-day to travel between games will be eaten up by the continuation of the suspended game. Game 3 of the series is set to take place at Wrigley Field on Friday night.

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