Jon Lester Has Hilarious Reaction to New CBA

On Wednesday night, Major League Baseball and its Players Association agreed on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and while it ensures that there won’t be a work stoppage, some players didn’t get everything that they wanted with the deal.

One of those players is Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester, who is still reveling in the team’s victory in the World Series last month. While he’s plenty happy that there won’t be a lockout in the baseball world, there is one thing that he wished would have been part of the agreement:

If there was one thing that Cubs fans got tired of hearing about during the postseason (aside from the team’s championship drought), it was Lester’s inability to throw to first base. He has devised ways to get around it, including quick pitches and pick-off throws from the plate, but commentators and analysts continually harped on the throwing issue even as the Cubs won a championship.

The new CBA in baseball ensures labor peace through at least 2022, meaning that it will have been nearly 30 years since the last work stoppage that the sport endured back in 1994. The five-year pact will take effect immediately after the two sides agreed to a deal on Wednesday night to avoid a potential lockout.

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