Chicago Cubs

Joe Maddon Gives Matt Nagy Advice as He Embarks on Bears' Journey

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon has become known for his sometimes folksy sayings and New Age approach to managing, but he’s keeping things simple with his advice for a new coach in Chicago.

That coach is new Bears head coach Matt Nagy, who was hired by the team earlier this month. Maddon, a fellow Pennsylvania native, had some advice for the new Bears head coach as he prepares to help the team move forward in its rebuilding process.

“Just be yourself,” Maddon said. “The one thing that I found when I came to Chicago (is) that I thought my hometown of Hazleton was a microcosm of this city and the people here. Very inviting, open folks, passionate about their sports and Bears football, so I wish you nothing but the best. But all I can say: Just be yourself.”

It doesn’t have quite the ring to it that a phrase like “Try Not to Suck” does, but it gets across Maddon’s enduring message of staying true to oneself. The Bears’ head coaching position comes with all sorts of unique pressures, and with a young head coach at the helm, the team would likely be well advised to take Maddon’s advice. 

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