Cubs Rock Track Suits During Trip to Philadelphia

The Chicago Cubs have made themed road trips their trademark with Joe Maddon at the helm, and they're rocking some serious retro fashions during their trip to Philadelphia

The Chicago Cubs have made themed road trips a big part of their team’s identity ever since Joe Maddon took over as manager, and the club is back at it again as they head to the City of Brotherly Love.

For this week’s road trip, which will take them through Philadelphia and Atlanta, the Cubs have donned blue tracksuits, emblazoned with the team logo and with nicknames for each player on the roster.

Ben Zobrist, nicknamed “Zo,” took his sartorial game to the next level by busting out a headband and a mullet for the occasion:


Anthony Rizzo and David Ross opted for a more casual look:


Jake Arrieta, nicknamed “Snake,” made sure to sign autographs for fans before the team left for Philadelphia:

[[381994941, C]]

The guys in charge of doing the team’s laundry likely were thrilled that a group of players, including Matt Szczur and Jason Heyward, took off their track jackets before dining on the finest food that Philadelphia has to offer:

[[381994991, C]]

The Cubs will hope that their fashion statements won’t be the only ones they make this week, as they look to continue building on their nine and a half game lead in the National League Central.

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