Watch Addison Russell Hit Diamondbacks' Mascot With Bat

It isn't every day that baseball fans get to see a ticked off mascot, but on Thursday night that's exactly what happened as Chicago Cubs shortstop hit the Arizona Diamondbacks mascot with a bat

It’s a play that happens all the time in baseball. A player takes a hard swing at a ball and the bat slips from his hands and goes flying into the stands.

On Thursday night, that play happened to Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, but what happened after his bat cleared the Arizona Diamondbacks’ dugout was, in a word, surreal.

That’s because the bat ended up landing right next to the Diamondbacks’ team mascot Baxter. The tall bobcat didn’t take too kindly to Russell’s transgressions, and he did what any good big cat would do: he tried to intimidate the shortstop:

Of course the story has a happy ending for all parties involved. An adorable child got the bat, Baxter got to defend his turf, and most importantly of all, the Cubs scored a 14-6 victory over the Diamondbacks in the game to run their record to 3-0 on the season. 

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