Kurt Warner Sketches God

Somebody wanted to see Cardinals QB draw deity

Kurt Warner seems like a nice enough chap. Even for the atheist or agnostic among us, one has to admire the conviction with which he holds his views, and the usual tact he has in going about sharing them. Just as it's difficult to be on the receiving end of a "do you know your Savior, Jesus/Allah/Flying Spaghetti Monster" talk, it has to be tough to be one the giving it.

That said, there's really no explanation for this video, in which Kurt Warner not only visualizes his God but decides to pencil-sketch Him. Check it out:

Again, this isn't to disrespect Warner or his views, so don't get it twisted ... but at what point do you decide to draw God? What conversation, what prompt, brings one to the point where he is not only discussing his religious beliefs but sketching them in No. 2 lead? And what's even weirder is wondering who's making these prompts. As Deadspin's Will Leitch wrote the other day, "Have to love that someone had the intestinal fortitude, though, to go to Kurt Warner and say, 'OK, draw God. Go.'"

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