Koyie Hill Is Back With Both Hands

After an ugly table-saw accident, Koyie Hill has battled his way back into baseball

Yesterday, we had a little fun with the Cubs' oh-so-huge announcement of their Opening Day roster. Usually, nothing major happens on Opening Day rosters. Everyone knows the score far before they're announced, and whatever minor surprises do occur don't really affect the long-term outcome of the team in a huge way. So instead we made a few tongue-in-cheek jokes about Paul Bako. Period, end of story, har har, work day finished.

But being us, we forgot to mention a pretty poignant factoid in the Cubs Opening Day announcements. It's the story of Koyie Hill.

See, almost two years ago, Hill suffered a table-saw accident that almost cost him three fingers. In the short term, it derailed his baseball career. The saw severed his thumb and cut parts of four other fingers. Eventually, Hill had the fingers re-attached, and through therapy was able to regain a throwing motion.

Now, several of Hill's fingers are pinned into place with metal fastenings, which may or may not make him robo-catcher. That would be cool. There's got to be some sort of movie idea in here somewhere.

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