Kenny Mayne's New ESPN Webisodes Aren't Awful at All

Sports fans generally -- and sports bloggers particularly -- have many bones to pick with ESPN. In a time of hyperactive media criticism, the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports dominates so many aspects of athletic news that fans across the nation have built up an increasing aversion to the brand. Everything ESPN touches, its critics say, turns to mediocrity.

So it says something that the new 5-minute web series "Mayne Street," featuring SportsCenter anchors Kenny Mayne and Scott Van Pelt, is earning rave reviews. Or what passes for it in the sports blogosphere:

Matt Ufford: "The end result makes me wonder why they just don’t do every SportsCenter with Van Pelt and Mayne, who (along with Neil Everett) comprise the majority (entirety?) of ESPN anchors that shouldn’t be buried alive in wet concrete."

Eamonn Brennan: "Three cheers, then, for Kenny Mayne and Scott Van Pelt. Awash in a sea of meatheaded screamers, Dan Patrick wannabees, and Chris Berman, these two (among others) have managed to both keep SportsCenter interesting."

Dan Shanoff: "Mayne is highly respected as a funnyman, but Van Pelt actually steals the scene."

Check it out:


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