Hawks Headlines: “Maintenance Days” Help Hossa

Also, could Team USA be skating with a millstone around their necks in Sochi?

In this edition of Hawks Headlines, we take a look at what maintenance days are doing for Marian Hossa, a Blackhawks defenseman who is being much more assertive this season, and whether the NHL sending players to Sochi was a big mistake.

-We start off with Sam Fels’ thoughts on various topics about the Chicago Blackhawks, including the media’s handling of the death of Patrick Kane’s grandfather. Fels argues that the media was almost gleeful in their coverage of the topic, and there is definitely an argument to be made that he’s right. [Committed Indian]

-“Maintenance days” (the term used for days off for veterans) have been really helpful to Marian Hossa this season, and even though he’s not participating in morning skates during the current West Coast swing, he feels that the time off is beneficial to his game. [CSN Chicago]

-A few weeks ago, the Blackhawks and Ducks faced off at the United Center in a huge clash between the Western Conference’s top two teams. This time, the scene has shifted to Honda Center, and things are definitely different this time around. [ESPN Chicago]

-YOU WANT STATS? Well, Jen will give you stats, and she’s delivering the goods with this piece comparing the Blackhawks’ stats between seasons. [Second City Hockey]

-Nick Leddy has been trying to find his niche on the Blackhawks’ third defensive pairing, and part of that process has been learning to demand the puck more. [Chicago Sun-Times]

-The NHL at the Olympics: while most fans seem to enjoy it, there's a few media members saying that it is a mistake for players to go over there. [Chicago Tribune]

-Finally, an article for those of you that are fans of Team USA. The US leadership group passed over guys like Keith Yandle in favor of “locks” like Brooks Orpik, but as Mike Colligan explains, Orpik has been struggling for over a year, and might be a liability on the blue line in Sochi. [The Hockey Writers]

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