Get Fit While In The Sand & Sun

The beach isn’t just for sunshine and swimming.  It’s a great place to get fit.  From ultimate Frisbee to beach bootcamp, NBCChicago’s team of Fitness Coaches show you how to get the most out of the sand and surf.

Toss the Disc:

Frisbee isn’t just for kids.  It’s one of the hottest growing beach sports and a great way to move, jump and flip through the sand and sculpt a great body.  Chicago hosts one of the largest beach Frisbee events in the : The 11th edition of Ultimate Chicago Sandblast,  presented by Fuze and Qdoba Mexican Grill, hits Montrose Beach July 8-10.
The Ultimate Chicago Sandblast is a co-ed beach ultimate Frisbee tournament boasts more than 1,000 player participants, volunteers and spectators. The majority are from Chicago but many come from California, Texas, Florida, the East Coast and Canada.

Ultimate Frisbee allows players to pass the disc between teammates in order to get it into the end zone for a score. Players may only take one step after catching the disc then pass it off to another teammate. The game allows for running and jumping in the sand which is great for improving ability, balance and lower body strength.  Aside from friends playing at the beach, you can join a team in Chicago.  

--- Andrea Metcalf author Naked Fitness, What’s On Chicago host

Burpees, Skaters and Climbers:

The sand provides incredible resistance which takes any bootcamp move to a whole new level.  Three of my favorite moves are skaters, burpees and mountain climbers.

Skaters are a combination of side lunge and plyometrics “or jumping.”  To execute, start by pushing off to the side and land in a bent knee as you tap the other foot behind.  Push back quickly to the other side and repeat. This is great for hip stability, strength and the glutes.

Burpees are a combination of a squat, then plank position, then squat then a jump.  Although the sand gets a little messy on this one it’s great for building a strong body because it hits all the muscles groups: upper body, lower and core.

Mountain climbers may not help you climb mountains but you’ll love what they do for your abs and shoulders.  Start in a plank position then alternate driving your knees up toward your chest in a running motion.  Perform for 1-2 minutes then rest.

--- Sergio Rojas , Redefined Fitness

Mix It Up:

In between sand sprints or wave running, strength moves can help you get a sculpted body.  Try mixing up your beach workout with the combo bridge and pushup press.  

Start in the grass or sand and lie on your back with knees bent.  Lift one leg into the air and then lift your hips off the ground.  Hold the hips up as you cross the lifted leg across the body and back to center. Perform 15-20 repetitions on each side.

Another great move for toned shoulder and abs is the pushup combo.  Start in a push up position and bring your right knee up to towards right shoulder as you bend your arms in the pushup.  As you straighten the arms push the knee back to ground and plank position.  Next lift your right hand toward the sky then back to plank position.  This four count pushup combo should be repeated on the other side.  Try for 16-20 alternating combos.

--- Saran Dunmore, I Used to be Fat, MTV


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