Ryan Theriot No Fan Of Hurricane Ike

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The headline presupposes that there is a situation in which Ryan Theriot would be a fan of a destructive storm. Like, maybe if it didn't have such a lame name. Or maybe if it was a Category 1, instead of a Category 3. But of course that's not true. Theriot would hate a hurricane no matter what, one assumes ... but especially so if it threatens the Cubs and Astros and millions of other people in Houston this weekend:

"I don't want to go," Theriot said Wednesday. "To me, I understand why the Astros want to play those games there. They're right there in the wild card and playing well. That storm is going to turn, and if it does turn, and they evacuate the city, then what are you going to do? Now we're stuck. You hop on a bus and go where -- go with everybody else?" Theriot said. "Take a bus from Houston to Chicago? [Hurricanes] are so hard to predict. The last one was supposed to go west, and it ends up turning and crushing Baton Rouge."

That's about as reasonable as it gets. Hurricane threatens a city; city's residents likely to evacuate; city's visiting baseball players also want to evacuate. Makes sense. But where's the solution? Is there anything the Diamonbacks can do to help?

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