On Deck: Bracket Busters

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On Deck is FanHouse's look at the day's most intriguing baseball matchups.

Houston Astros (74-67) at Colorado Rockies (67-75) 8:05 PM ET

This kind of reminds me of one of those mid-January college basketball games between, say, Siena and Boise State, where they're not really shoe-ins to get in the tournament so you start talking strength of schedule and RPI rating and all that nonsense. With the Astros and Rockies, there's some strength of schedule involved here too, as you start to wonder whether the Astros play enough dog teams down the stretch to stay on their current hot streak and make up the seven games they're behind in the wild card. Or whether the Rockies play enough games at home to make up the five games in the NL West. Conventional wisdom says no, but after these very same Rockies pulled of their miracle last season, everything is on the table. All we need is Dick Vitale to call this one.

L.A. Angels of Anaheim (85-55) at Chicago White Sox (79-61) - 7:05 PM ET

How unfair is this world? I get plastered at a bar and punch a wall with full force and the swelling goes down after a couple of Advil. Carlos Quentin, on the other hand, punches a wooden stick with his closed fist as he's done a million times before, and he might be out for the season. Me = stupid drunk. Carlos Quentin = world class athlete. By all rights and purposes, I'm the one that should be wearing the cast on my hand and not one of the favorites for the AL MVP award. Sometimes, life isn't fair.

Arizona Diamondbacks (71-69) at Los Angeles Dodgers (71-70) - 3:55 PM ET

The Dodgers lose eight straight, then win six in a row. The Diamondbacks spend part of that time losing six out of seven games to end the month of August after building a lead of three games in the NL West. which is now down to one-half game That's it. I'm through trying to figure out these two teams. So just sit back and enjoy as Brandon Webb makes his third attempt at 20 wins this season (the first two were complete disasters, as he gave up a combined 14 runs in eight innings.)

Everyone else:

  • Athletics at Orioles Split DH 1:05 EDT, 7:05 EDT
  • Rays at Blue Jays 1:07 EDT
  • Phillies at Mets 3:55 EDT
  • Tigers at Twins 3:55 EDT
  • Padres at Brewers 7:05 EDT
  • Cubs at Reds 7:10 EDT
  • Nationals at Braves 7:10 EDT
  • Indians at Royals 7:10 EDT
  • Marlins at Cardinals 7:15 EDT
  • Red Sox at Rangers 8:05 EDT
  • Pirates at Giants 9:05 EDT
  • Yankees at Mariners 10:10 EDT

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