NBA Essentials: Gilbert Loves Chachi

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NBA Essentials ranks our six favorite stories of the day.

1. Ball Don't Lie. The episode synopses for Gilbert Arenas' television show have leaked on the internet.

2. Indy Cornrows. The NBA won't let the Pacers use a red, white and blue ball in a sort-of ABA preseason throwback night. Stop this injustice!

3. Hardwood Paroxysm. A discussion on rooting for small market teams in the NBA.

4. Can't Stop the Bleeding. Jason Kidd's weird friendship with a Vegas mogul's wife results in loss of gold medal.

5. Blog-a-Bull. Bulls fan who desperately wants Bulls to re-sign Ben Gordon insists J.R. Smith's contract has nothing to do with anything.

6. Hoops Addict. Finals of the Floor Burn Tournament set.

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