Make With the Funny: A FanHouse Caption Contest Starring a Very Chubby Mike Tyson

Occasionally there are photos in ye olde Getty Images account that have no real story behind them. That, seemingly, makes for a perfect time to bust out a caption contest. So, um, yeah, Make With the Funny.

Mike Tyson is universally regarded as "sane." Oftentimes "bankrupt." And, sometimes, "imprisoned." Most recently though, he had to have been recognized by the folks attending the annual (?) Video Game Awards as "fat as hell".

Yes, that's right. The man you see to your right is indeed not Big Mike from the hit NBC show "Chuck" (thanks for the joke, Wilson). That man is Freaking Iron Mike Tyson. And as if being in the poor house, being clinically insane and tossed in a jail a few times wasn't bad enough, he's now tremendously overweight.

At this point I suppose I could make a "Ohmigod he really did eat Lennox Lewis' children" joke, but I think I'm just going to plug my Nintendo in and have a good cry.

Best caption in the comments for Fat Iron Mike wins a free, autographed Sexy Bloggers of FanHouse 2009 Calendar*.

Props to Butter Team for the heads up.

*Still in production

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