Lou Piniella Has Had Enough of This Losing

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Over the last week and a half, I've been trying to tell my Cubs fan friends to relax. So the Cubs are going through a bit of a rough stretch right now, it happens to every team, and their lead is large enough to withstand it. I have to admit, though, I'm starting to get rather skeptical myself.

The Cubs lost again last night, their eighth loss in their last nine games, and now I'm wondering if we really are about to see another monumental Cubs collapse. Apparently it's getting to Lou Piniella, too, because he wasn't very happy after Tuesday night's loss to the Cardinals.

''We're playing like we're waiting to get beat,'' Piniella said, building into a red-faced, two-minute eruption that reverberated into the hallway outside his office at Busch Stadium following a 4-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

''We had many chances today again and we had many chances Sunday against Cincinnati, and it's the same result!'' he said. ''If we had played ball like this all year, we wouldn't be here playing for a championship! We'd be playing a spoiler role for somebody else!

''I know we're trying. I've got no complaints about with the effort. But you've got to get the job done! We can talk about having fun. We can talk about relaxing. But you've got to get your damn shirts rolled up and go out and kick somebody's ass! That's what you've got to do! Period!''

Lou then stood up, smashed the podium with his bare hands, and bit a beat reporter's head clean off. It was awesome.

Things could get a little more tense in Wrigleyville the next few weeks, because even though the Cubs only have 18 games left this season, fourteen of them are against the Brewers, Cardinals, and Astros. The three teams currently chasing after them.

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