How to Create Rivalry With Giants and Make World Hate You in Process: More 9/11 Jokes

You know what's really funny? Making jokes about 9/11 -- waging message board war, if you will -- because nothing screams "I'M ALL GROWED UP!1!" like someone calling themselves "Mason" posting his favorite terrorism-related memories on a popular Seattle Seahawks fan site in an effort to rile up Giants supporters in anticipation of their Week 5 get-together. Brilliant.

Deadspin's A.J. Daulerio writes:

On many occasions, team message board trash talk veers toward some very unpleasant depths, but some of the stuff being circulated on the popular Seahawks fan message board "Seahawks Huddle" right now has sparked an amazing amount of negative responses thanks to its unprecedented levels of classlessness.

And MSG's Dan Benton points out that "[these] were some of the cruelest and most sickening jokes I've ever read in my entire life. Most were aimed at the actual victims (firefighters and police officers included) of 9-11, while precious few had anything to do with the New York Giants, their fans or the upcoming game."

Newsday's Bob Glauber updates a post titled "When Idiot Fans Go Too Far" to report that the Seahawks message board has issued a formal apology, though if you click the link it goes to one of those corners of the tubes Senator Ted Stevens warned us about.

This has nothing to do with being a Seahawks fan and everything to do with being an imbecile. Every message board has them. In's Jim Wexell's new book, "Steeler Nation", longtime Steelers beat reporter-turned senior writer Vic Ketchman talks about how he used to look down from the press box during Pittsburgh-Cleveland games and inevitably see a fight or three in the stands. Things have since changed and he has a theory as to why (well, apart from the increased security):

"You don't see that much anymore -- thank God. We've found a new way to embarrass ourselves. We've found a new way to lose our dignity. It's called trash-talking, or talking smack. And nowadays, we do a very, very courageous things: We go onto message boards and use a fictitious name and we curse people. I think I almost like the fighting in the stands better."

And I think that's something we can all get behind: "Mason" getting his ass kicked in Giants Stadium. You know, just to make an example out of him.

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