Cubs Fans Probably Won't Want to See This

Even though the Cubs lost, everybody still wants to talk about them. We're definitely guilty of it at FanHouse (let me present exhibits A, B, C, D, E, and, um, F-U), though I've tried to put the brakes on it by banning all references to The Team No Longer Playing during our live blogs.

But before we completely move on, we had to share these last two videos. Above (via Deadspin) is a commercial from Walter E. Smithe, a Chicago furniture store, who obviously shelled out big bucks for a 30-second commercial featuring all sorts of Cubbie greats ... only to have the Cubs lose in the first round, before the commercial ever had a chance to air. This summer's gonna last forever? More like "this summer's gonna go three and out."

In a post yesterday about the infamous broken pipe at Dodger Stadium, I remarked how "the Dodgers should be relieved that a team who just choked away everything they worked for in the regular season didn't burn the whole place down." Turns out I hit closer to home than I realized, though, as Ryan Corazza from MOUTHPIECE points out, I should have been talking about the fans:

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