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NU Lineman Once Kidnapped, Held for Ransom

Doug Bartels says he has no recollection of being zipped into duffel bag, left in field



    He has no recollection of it, but 21 years ago, a man came to Doug Bartel's house, handcuffed his babysitter and threw the boy in a duffel bag. (Published Friday, Nov. 25, 2011)

    When you first look at Doug Bartels, you see a stocky man who looking like no one you'd want to mess with. But 21 years ago it was a very different story for the Northwestern football player.

    One day in 1990, while he was at home with his brother and babysitter, a man came to the house and kidnapped him. He was placed inside a duffle bag and left in a field.

    "We got several calls througout the day saying Doug was in the woods and we needed to get a ransom and they would let us know what to do," recalled his mother, Carol Bartels.

    The kidnapper was caught later that day and Doug went unharmed. The family made an autobiography of the incident.
    Doug does not remember the what happen that June day.

    To have a second chance at life almost is pretty amazing. I thank God every day," he said.