Disgruntled Bengals Fans Revolting

Frustration in the Queen City may be hitting critical mass. Disgusted Cincinnati Bengal fans are joining a campaign to bring emotional distress to team owner Mike Brown.

Brown's team began this season 0-8 and remains one of the most consistent losers in all of North American sports. Yet at the same time, the Bengals have a history of tremendous profits, thanks to a devoted local fan base and the profit-sharing structure of the NFL.

Some fans want to chip into those profits, apparently. With a nod toward Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club, the Bengals blog The Who Dey Revolution launched 'Project Mayhem,' which has two stated goals: "1. Disrupt the natural order of Mike Brown's Bengals. 2. Reduce Mike Brown's profit."

To be sure, these days a bile-filled sports blog is nothing new. Nearly every owner of a professional team has at least one site devoted to detailing his or her greed, lies, and/or incompetence. But the Revolution took things offline and into downtown Cincy this week when billboard appeared near Paul Brown stadium -- named after Mike Brown's locally-revered father -- demanding that the team hire a general manager. Currently the team has none -- it's one less salary to pay.

Other signs have been placed across the city. The site's writers claim they will use online donations to continue to keep the billboards up into the postseason.

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