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Carson Wentz Trade: New Report Says Bears Deal Unlikely If QB Isn't All-In

Report: Bears unlikely to trade for Wentz if he isn't all-in originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

One of the worst kinds of relationships is a one-way relationship. If all the work, energy and passion is only coming from one party, inevitably somebody is going to get hurt. According to a new report that’s the exact kind of relationship the Bears are trying to avoid in their search for their next starting quarterback.

If you haven’t kept up with every update in the Wentz trade saga, this new report goes hand-in-hand with a post earlier this week from Jeff McLane, one of Bowen’s colleagues at the Philadelphia Inquirer. In that post, McLane surmises that if the Colts had the best offer for Wentz, he’d likely be gone already. He and other reports also suggested that Wentz would prefer to play in Indianapolis over Chicago, and it makes sense why that would be the case.

However, McLane also said if the Bears’ offer tops the Colts’ at the end of the day, there’s not much Wentz can do to prevent a trade. Unless of course, he makes it clear to the Bears he will not be a happy camper at Halas Hall.

Which brings us back to Bowen’s report:

“An NFL management source with experience in such negotiations said he thinks the Bears are unlikely to trade for Wentz unless he is fully onboard; the source said he thinks it is more likely the Eagles will end up having to take whatever Indianapolis is offering, before the March 19 deadline that requires a $10 million Wentz bonus payment, because that is where Wentz wants to go.”

That leaves the question, will Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy work to convince Wentz that Chicago is a wonderful place to work? Bowen’s source thinks not.

“In the end, Indy will probably get [Wentz] for below market value, because it seems like he only wants to play in Indy,” the source said in Bowen’s report. “This desire to only play in Indy has scared other teams off.”

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