Gibson Ready For Bulls Western Conference Road Swing

The Chicago Bulls begin a six-game Western Conference road trip Wednesday in San Antonio

First there’s the annual ‘Circus Trip’ in November for the Chicago Bulls that takes them on the road through the Western Conference. So the team’s next six-game romp through the West should be dubbed the ‘Disney on Ice Trip’ as the United Center will once again be occupied for the next 12 days, forcing the Bulls West for the second time this season.

The six-game road trip begins Wednesday night when Chicago will face the defending Western Conference Champion San Antonio Spurs, and a former teammate in Marco Belinelli, the NBA’s leading three-point shooter at 49 percent this season.

The Bulls are just 4-10 against the Western Conference in their 2013-14 campaign, but Taj Gibson is looking forward to the team’s upcoming challenge on the road.

“I feel we're capable of beating West Coast teams,” Gibson told the Chicago Tribune. “I just feel we have to have our mindset right. We can't be playing around. On the road, what we have is us. Nobody's on our bandwagon now. All year, we've been hearing the negatives. But we're just pushing through. I'm looking forward to the adversity we're going to overcome.”

The Bulls will have plenty of adversity facing the likes of the Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers. But Gibson isn’t worried and thinks the Bulls can be successful on the road.

“I like being on the road," he said. "There are no distractions. You're just focused on going into a hostile environment. You're focused on the team, focused on the play calls and getting Ws. I really see the adversity we can overcome."

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