Jordan’s “Space Jam” Featured in “30 for 30” Spoof

What happens when the final game in the movie Space Jam gets the ESPN 30 for 30 treatment? Hilarity, of course

MJ Bobcats Retirement
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The "30 for 30" films presented by ESPN feature great, oftentimes untold stories, from profiles of fallen basketball stars like Chicago native Ben Wilson to stories about professional athletes going broke spending money as fast as they make it.

What if there was a film based on something that never actually happened but was still a fun story to tell?

The people at Yahoo’s Screen Sketchy did just that when they spoofed Michael Jordan’s Space Jam movie and the final game between the Toon Squad and the Monstars, and made it into a "30 for 30" mini-documentary.

You know the story: Michael Jordan is recruited by Bugs Bunny and his Looney Toons pals to play a basketball game against aliens who stole the skills from some of the best players in the NBA. Of course MJ and the Toon Squad emerge victorious on a miraculously impossible MJ buzzer beater.

Here you can hear the story of that game from some of the people who witnessed it.

Sort of.

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