Video: Cubs World Series Win Immortalized in Lego Form

If you’re like the vast majority of Chicago Cubs fans, you have spent a good chunk of the last week living and reliving the team’s Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Indians that clinched the franchise’s first championship in 108 years.

On Thursday, fans got an entirely new way of enjoying those moments of Cub triumph, as the good folks at The Four Monkeys put together a highlight montage of the team’s win over Cleveland.

Oh, and they did it using Legos:

All of the big highlights are there, including Dexter Fowler’s lead-off home run, Rajai Davis tying the game, and even Jason Heyward’s impassioned speech to his team during the 17-minute rain delay that interrupted proceedings in the 10th inning.

There were only two things missing out of the video: David Ross’ home run (although we’d understand if the crew didn’t want to use Lego Gandalf to represent Grandpa Rossy) and there wasn’t a big smile on Kris Bryant’s face as he made the final out in the montage.

Despite those quibbles, this was still remarkable work and likely took almost as much patience as actually being a Cubs fan requires.

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