Joe Maddon Makes Impressive Donation In Honor of 1000th Win

The donation will go to Salvation Army branches in Chicago and Tampa Bay

On Tuesday, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon won his 1000th game as a big league skipper, and to celebrate, his Respect 90 foundation made an impressive donation in his honor.

According to a tweet sent by the organization on Wednesday morning, the foundation donated 1000 meals to a pair of Salvation Army shelters, with the Evangeline Booth Lodge shelter in Chicago and the Sallie House in Tampa Bay each receiving the donations:

The Salvation Army branch in Chicago quickly responded to Maddon’s foundation, thanking them for the donation:

According to the organization’s website, the Evangeline Booth Lodge shelter is a “haven for women and men with children, along with married couples with children suddenly becoming homeless because of eviction, disasters such as a fire or flood, loss of utilities, domestic violence, being stranded while traveling or other crises.” 

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