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Internet Roasts Chris Sale After ‘Belly-Button Ring' Explanation

The former White Sox pitcher was hospitalized due to illness during the ALCS

Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale was recently hospitalized due to an infection, and his explanation of what happened spawned some hysterical reactions. 

Sale, whose Red Sox are getting ready to compete in the World Series, says that the reason he was admitted to a Massachusetts hospital during the American League Championship Series was that he was dealing with an irritation caused by a belly-button ring. 

Yes, he really said this: 

Now, we aren't sure whether Sale was joking or not, but that didn't stop the good folks of the social media world from having a field day with it: 

Sale and the Red Sox will get the World Series underway on Tuesday night when they play either the Milwaukee Brewers or Los Angeles Dodgers at Fenway Park. 

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