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Celebrities Pay Tribute to Chicago in NBA All-Star Game Pregame Videos

TNT and the NBA put together a video starring Michael Jordan and Barack Obama, among others, and Common performed a spoken word piece paying tribute to the city

Before the NBA All-Star Game got underway on Sunday night, a group of Chicago icons got together to pay tribute to the city as it took the national stage.

The video, which was played before the start of the game, featured a star-powered group of celebrities discussing what makes the city great, and what the city of Chicago has meant to them in their lives:

Chicago natives like Chance the Rapper and Common participated in the video, as did others who made the city their home, including former President Barack Obama and Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Common also paid tribute to the city before the game started with a spoken word performance:

Isiah Thomas, Candace Parker, Buddy Guy and many others also participated in the five minute-plus clip, which TNT posted on its social media pages.

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