Bulls on Jack's Shoe Tie: “We Were in a Mismatch”

Ya think?

Two days after Jarrett Jack stood at mid-court and tied his shoe -- while the game clock was running, while he had the ball -- Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro finally responded.

"That's not acceptable," the Tribune reports. "But it was a unique situation where we were in a mismatch and Lu had turned his back. He didn't see it. Otherwise, he would've been up on the ball."

Woulda coulda shoulda. Truth of the matter is, Deng and the Bulls wouldn't have been in that embarassing situation if they were prepared to play in the first place.

Jack, meanwhile, says the incident wasn't an insult and he meant no disrespect.

But there's the funny thing -- he doesn't have to show disrespect. The Bulls disrespected themselves by allowing Jack to tie his shoe in the first place.

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