Blackhawks Boast NHL's Best Playoff Odds

The Chicago Blackhawks are a betting favorite to hoist the Stanley Cup next June, so when online sportsbooks put together their odds of the team making the playoffs, they are understandably bullish on their chances.

According to Bovada, the Blackhawks are the favorite of all 30 NHL teams to make the postseason, with 1-to-11 odds that they will. To put that into perspective, if you were going to bet $100 that the Hawks would make the playoffs, you would only win $10 if they did. That isn’t much return on investment, but in the world of sports betting, you don’t exactly swim in cash if you only bet on sure things.

In case you were curious, the Boston Bruins have the second best odds on the board to make the playoffs at 1-to-10. For the teams at the bottom of the pile, the Buffalo Sabres are the longest shot, with 4-to-1 odds of making the postseason out of the Eastern Conference. The Florida Panthers could be an intriguing bet, with 11-to-4 odds of making the playoffs.

Here are the full odds for all seven Central Division teams:

Chicago Blackhawks:

Yes -1100 (1/11)

No +625 (25/4)

St. Louis Blues

Yes -800 (1/8)

No +500 (5/1)

Minnesota Wild

Yes -280 (5/14)

No +220 (11/5)

Colorado Avalanche

Yes -160 (5/8)

No +130 (13/10)

Dallas Stars

Yes -150 (2/3)

No +120 (6/5)

Nashville Predators

Yes +250 (5/2)

No -325 (4/13)

Winnipeg Jets

Yes +250 (5/2)

No -325 (4/13) 

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