Orton's Believe it or Not: I Can Play Sunday

Unless you listen to the people who cover the Bears

Kyle Orton said he woke up with a smile on his face.  The Bears quarterback almost skipped into his meeting with the press at Halas Hall, emphasizing he would not count out playing this Sunday against the Titans. 

"I'm certainly not ruling out this week" Orton told reporters. 

Despite not practicing Wednesday, and acknowledging he'd like to get at least one good practice in, Orton said aggressive treatment on his ankle is the approach he's taking. 

"I'll know the game plan inside and out and know the (Titans) defense inside and out" Orton said.

But a poll of media members that regularly cover the Chicago Bears revealed not a single reporter believes Orton will play.  The Bears have a history of being evasive about injuries -- as recently as corner back Nathan Vasher who injured his wrist Week 4, who told reporters each day he would play, only to miss the three straight games.

Which is why you'll likely hear Lovie Smith bring back the familiar refrain:  "Rex is our quarterback".  He just may not announce it until Saturday night at the Bears team hotel in the players meeting.  Doctors may have told Kyle Orton his sprained right ankle would take a few weeks to heal, but he wants desperately to play.  So let him think he is. And although he admitted the quarterback doesn't make much difference, both running the same system, a little deception aimed the Titans way can only help beat the NFL's only unbeaten.  So the "Orton is Playing" show was on full display.  Trot him out for his weekly press conference, spew optimism, and then on Sunday morning reveal "Rex is our quarterback... today".  

Grossman is not in the Bears future plans playing on a one-year deal, even admitting as much in the locker room, "this is important because it might be the only chance I get to play all season". 

So while treating Orton like the starter, and treating Grossman like the backup (not to mention letting him get beat up by the Titans ferocious front four).  The Bears reveal a lot by not saying a thing.  Aren't the NFC North rival Packers next week?  Enough said. 

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