A Rose is Just a Rose. Unless You're a Bears H-Back. - NBC Chicago

A Rose is Just a Rose. Unless You're a Bears H-Back.

Bears bring back the H-Back and bid farewell to the fullback position



    "A rose is just a rose," Juliet said to Romeo.  But if the two lovebirds were around today, she might as well be talking about the H-Back position in football.

    H-Back, Power Back, F-Back.  While the position has many names, Des Clark says it's still just a tight end.

    "I'm still doing the things I've been doing," Clark explained.  "It's just a label.  I'm a tight end that does multiple things."

    Bears tight end coach Mike DeBord explained it this way:  "It's very important because number one, you have to line up on the line of scrimmage like a tight end, you got to be able to go in the backfield like a fullback and then you have to be able to go outside to play like a wide receiver.  It's got to be a gifted guy that can do all three of those things."

    Clark entered camp wondering if he would have a job in Mike Martz' system, but had a goal in mind to  carve out a niche.  Thanks to depth at tight end, Martz has found his man, and now Clark is listed as the Bears starting H-Back on the depth chart.

    "I'm a tight end" Clark assured, despite the fact the team no longer lists fullback on the depth chart, Clark is listed ahead of traditional fullbacks Will Ta'ufo'ou and Eddie Williams.

    "I'm a versatile guy I guess," he said.

    Once a staple in the Joe Gibbs' offenses with the Redskins, the H-Back is making a bit of a comeback according to tight ends coach Mike DeBord.  In breaking down film of other teams like the Bengals DeBord noticed the use of an H-Back whether the teams list the position or not.

    "We think we have some really talented tight ends and so what we're trying to do is get those guys on the field," DeBord explained.

    When Bears center Olin Kreutz saw Clark with two giant bags of ice on his knees at lunch he could only laugh at the sight.

    "I'm a super hero, the Ice Man," Clark said.

    No you're not, now you're an H-Back, though if the name fits...