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Tear Down Wrigley? Surely You Jest!

Wall Street Journal sports writer advocates for the destruction of Wrigley Field



    Tear Down Wrigley? Surely You Jest!
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    Let's establish a quick truism. 

    The Cubs are terrible. Even when they're good, they're terrible. 

    But that's no reason to ruin a baseball shrine, right? Wall Street Journal sports writer Rich Cohen thinks otherwise. 

    While the new Cubs brass, the Ricketts family, wrangle with the city and state on a funding deal to rehab the aging stadium, Cohen says they should just throw in the towel and get out of Lakeview.  

    "When a house is haunted, you don't put in a new scoreboard, add ivy, get better food or bigger beers—you move!" Cohen writes. 

    But Cohen doesn't simply advocate that the Cubs leave the Friendly Confines. He suggests complete destruction. 


    " ... all of it must be ripped out and carried away like the holy artifacts were carried out of the temple in Jerusalem, heaped in a pile and burned. Then the ground itself must be salted, made barren, covered with a housing project, say, a Stalinist monolith, so never again will a shrine arise on that haunted block. As it was with Moses, the followers and fans, though they search, shall never find its bones."

    Read the full article here. 

    What do you think: Are the Cubs losers because of Wrigley Field? Could they fix their curse if they left the park?