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Deputized MLB Mascot 'Arrests' Pitcher

"Thanks, Philadelphia Phillies - we greatly appreciate the assist," Philly police later wrote



    Deputized MLB Mascot 'Arrests' Pitcher
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    The Phillie Phanatic is always on the lookout for opposing players stealing his keys. Here he protects his four-wheeler from being stolen by Eugenio Suarez of the Cincinnati Reds on May 15, 2016.

    Is the Phillie Phanatic authorized to arrest ATV key thieves?

    The beloved Phillies mascot gave an assist to Philadelphia police Wednesday when an officer gave him handcuffs to put on Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez. The star pitcher had grabbed the Phanatic’s keys before the Phillies win.

    "For anyone who asks - yes, this was a legal arrest," joked the Philadelphia Police Department on its Facebook feed. "Philadelphia icon and national - nay - WORLD treasure, The Phillie Phanatic, was deputized before the start of today's game. Thanks, Philadelphia Phillies - we greatly appreciate the assist!"

    The Phanatic appeared to let Fernandez go with just a warning after leading the Marlin into his dugout. Police commented on Facebook on why the Phanatic may have been distracted from pressing charges.

    "We're waiting for him to finish his PARS report. He keeps getting sidetracked by an insatiable desire to rub the heads of our bald officers," the department wrote.

    Fernandez got lucky, considering the Phanatic could have also nabbed him for assault after the mascot appeared to be pushed (or flopped) off his beloved four-wheeler while trying to keep hold of his keys.

    Stealing the ATV's keys is something of a tradition for visiting teams, and Fernandez has stolen them before.