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Olympic Fencers, Wrestlers to Invade Chicago



    Olympic Fencers, Wrestlers to Invade Chicago
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    Do you want to spend some time watching the best athletes in the world for dirt cheap? 

    No, the Blackhawks and Bulls didn't make their tickets half-price, but Olympians in two different sports will compete in Chicagoland in the coming week, and you can see them for less than a meal at Portillo's.

    On May 11 and 12, head to UIC's Flames Athletic Center for the Korfanty Cup, with World Cup competition among the world's best fencer. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Mariel Zagunis will look to beat rival, Olga Kharlan from the Ukraine. Zagunis leads a team with

    Why should you go watch fencing? First off, they hit each other with swords. If you've ever watched "The Princess Bride," you know why this is fun to watch. Plus, the fencers are amazing athletes who are also the kind of people you want your kids to emulate.

    Zagunis is a Notre Dame alumna who was so respected by fellow Olympians that she was chosen to carry in the flag for Team USA in London.

    It's also a great deal -- $5 per day. Individual competition starts Saturday at 9 a.m, with the finals starting at 6:30 p.m. Sunday's team competiton kicks off at 8:20 a.m., and finals are at 6 p.m.

    On Saturday May 11, you can spend a mere $10 to see some of the world's best wrestlers at the Curby Cup. Greco-Roman wrestlers from the USA, Lithuania, Hungary and Serbia will compete.

    Oak Park's own Ellis Coleman, a 2012 Olympian who is known for his flying squirrel move will wrestle. You can see all of these Olympians at Lyons Township High School in LaGrange.

    Much like the fencers, wrestlers are fantastic athletes who are well worth your time. But there's another reason that you should go to the Curby Cup. Wrestling was recently dropped from the Olympics. It's a sport that has been part of the Olympic slate since the ancient games in Greece, and it needs every bit of support to show the International Olympic Committee wrestling's strength. You'll get a day of fun competition for cheap, and wrestling's leaders will get to show another great event.

    Some of the world's best athletes wil be in Chicago this week. Go see them.